Apple Computers

  • Beachball is spinning and spinning – Quite often, you see pointer change to a beachball and it keeps spinning. Compter is thinking and you don’t see progress.
  • Switching programs seem to be taking long time – Computers can handle number of programs to run simultaneously but it may give you problems every once in a while.
  • Mac won’t start – You press the power button but nothing seems to start. It remains black or white screen. It is most likely hardware problem. You need to consult with professionals to find out the root cause of issues.
  • Mac starts but Apple OS does not load up – Computer starts but operation system does not load fully.
  • Kernel panic – When the OS crashes it can only bow out with the message ‘You need to restart your computer’. This is a kernel panic. It’s rare and, thankfully, often fixed by restarting. If not, try unplugging all add-ons from your Mac and restarting. Internal upgrades – including dodgy RAM – can provoke kernel panics, as can devices such as USB hubs. Another possibility is that a system file has become corrupted.
  • Hard disk is full – Running out of room on your hard disk may manifest itself in an alert box warning that it’s ‘nearly full or programs such as Photoshop failing to complete operations or your Mac generally slowing down.On any hard disk, files are invisibly split into chunks to fit into the gaps left by previous additions and deletions. The more ‘fragmented’ a drive becomes, the harder it has to work. We can help you migrate all to a bigger hard disk without losing your valuable information
  • Something just does not seem right – Your Mac starts up fine but runs slowly; or applications and files lose their icons; or certain functions stop working. Which component is to blame? Well, while most are marvels of solid state, the hard disk basically still consists of a roulette wheel full of iron filings and a fishing rod with a magnet on the end. This is not a recipe for reliability
  • Screen goes weird – If the screen suddenly looks messed up, a restart is often all that’s required. With CRT monitors, it was possible to choose from a combination of resolutions and refresh rates that would result in an illegible display, but with today’s LCDs the worst that can happen is an inappropriate resolution forces the screen to ‘upsample’, giving a slightly pixellated appearance.

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