Internet and Network

How does network help you :

  • All of computing devices are not networkable these days. You can maximize the efficiency by sharing devices such as printers
  • Files can easily be shared between users over the private network or public network
  • Network users can communicate by email and instant messenger.
  • Security is good – users cannot see other users’ files unlike on stand-alone machines.
  • Data is easy to backup as all the data is stored on the file server or cloud,

On the other hand, it may give some problems :

  • Purchasing the network cabling and file servers can be expensive.
  • Managing a large network is complicated, requires training and a network manager usually needs to be employed.
  • If the file server breaks down the files on the file server become inaccessible. Email might still work if it is on a separate server. The computers can still be used but are isolated.
  • Viruses can spread to other computers throughout a computer network.
  • There is a danger of hacking, particularly with wide area networks. Security procedures are needed to prevent such abuse, eg a firewall.

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