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There can be various kinds of problems with Windows computers. It could be software or hardware problems. Perfect repair starts with professional diagnosis. We have extensive experience from DOS to Windows 10 on desktop, laptop and Server systems. We can help upgrade computers and data migration. You can count on us. We stand behind ours services.

Apple computers may have problems like not starting Apple OS, running slow or not turning on. It could be hardware problems such as damaged screen, keyboard, touchpad or even logic board. Liquid damage is very common as well. Our experienced technician can take care of your problems. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Computers or other network devices will have a true meaning in your daily lives when they are all connected. We can connect computers with other network devices. Wireless connection needs a proper setup and configuration to work smooth. Network gives you convenience but it could be a good source of intrusion. We can network you and protect you.

Your precious data such as documents, pictures, music, videos or application database could be lost anytime. The importance of data backup cannot be stressed enough but unfortunately data loss happens. There are numerous reasons why data is lost. The best way to get your back is to let professionals take care of it and that’s what we do for you.

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